How to host a stylesheet on Dropbox

For the tech-savvy, GotoMyHub gives you the ability to specify an external stylesheet, which can be used to modify the design of your public portal website. This article shows you how to host that stylesheet on  Dropbox.

  1. In your text editor of choice, create your CSS file and save it with a .css extension. Make sure to save it somewhere in Dropbox.
  2. In Dropbox, grab the public link by right-clicking your CSS file and selecting Copy Public Link. This will copy a direct URL for your CSS file to your clipboard. If you're using the Dropbox web interface, just select the file and click the Share link button.
  3. Head over to your  Portal Settings page. Paste the URL for your CSS file into the Custom Stylesheet URL field. But wait, there's more! This next part is super important! The link you just pasted looks something like this:
    You need to change the www in the URL to dl, so it looks like this:
    This allows the portal to access the source of the file rather than the Dropbox page for the file. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page when you're finished.

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